A OnePlus Christmas Miracle

December 25, 2019

Hello, OxygenOS 10.3!

After all the waiting, my OnePlus 6T got it’s OxygenOS 10.3 update today! This update brings in Android 10 (most importantly) plus a slew of updates and patches since the dot-zero release. Big thanks to OnePlus for finally pushing this out. I know it was a staged update, but the chances of it falling on Christmas hardly seem coincidental. πŸ˜‰

So far, I have noticed a few changes in the few minutes I’ve been using it compared to OxygenOS 9.x. Dark mode overall for sure, but I’ve noticed that the text seems…bigger than before. I also notice the big space under the keyboard where the navigation icons would be. I can only guess that this is only visible to those using gestures like me.

Dat gap…

I guess I can deal with it, but it just looks like a kludge. From what I’ve read, it seems like all Android users are experiencing this, but I can’t be sure. Nevertheless, I do like what I see thus far even though I still have to spend more time with it.

Anyway, a nice, unexpected Christmas gift for me. Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas as well! πŸŽ„

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