Talk about Longevity!

January 14, 2016


I’ve recently been getting more and more familiar with FreeBSD and I’m enjoying it quite a bit, especially coming from years of using Linux.  I’ve already set up a few FreeBSD systems at work and they have been running well for little things here and there (I had one joined to the Active Directory domain at my work for some time now and it was a fun learning experience).  I’ve also got a laptop set up with FreeBSD, though I personally think that Linux is still far ahead in that area.  So far, all of these FreeBSD systems have been running quite well and I look forward to testing out other BSD flavors like DragonFlyBSD.

That said, I can only wish my FreeBSD setups would last as long as this one!  The Register has a story about a FreeBSD server that has quite the uptime…18 years and 10 months, to be exact!  The server is a homebrew 200 MHz Pentium PC with 32 MB of RAM running FreeBSD 2.2.1 and was recently retired.  If anything, I’d say that’s a testament to how robust the OS is (or how technically experienced the person is who set this box up!).  You can read more about this at the link below.

Happy 2016!

January 12, 2016

Happy New Year to one and all!  Hope everyone’s 2016 is a great one.

So, thanks to a Hackaday article on the smallest MIDI synthesizer, I was reminded about my own personal blog here.  Yeah, I know it hasn’t gotten much love, but with my personal life taking priority over everything else, this and other things tend to fall in the backburner for a while until I remember them (darned old age 🙂 ).

Back to the Hackaday article, it’s about the smallest MIDI synthesizer (or so it’s claimed) by Mitxela.  I can’t help but be impressed!  A synth inside a MIDI DIN connector!  Combine this with one of those mini keyboard controllers from Monoprice and a decent netbook running an audio-centric Linux distribution and you’ve got a nice portable music setup IMO!